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Beginner’s Guide to Examining Authenticity of Gold or Silver

Gold and silver are some of the most valuable metals in the world. They cost a great deal of money to buy. In fact, they are highly valuable that they are considered investment pieces (their value also increases with time). Nowadays, gold is used for making jewelry and other related items. If you are planning to buy one for yourself or a loved one, it pays to test silver bullion and gold so you do not end up buying a fake one.

test silver bullion
test silver bullion

Detecting a fake gold or silver is easier said than done, though. Unless you have a skilled eye, you probably won’t be able to tell a real gold versus a fake one when you put them side by side. Thankfully, you can now eliminate the guesswork with gold testing equipment sold in the market. This type of equipment provides you with the ability to determine a real gold from a fake one.

There are a variety of procedures and methods used in testing gold. Take time to learn about each method so you will know how to test gold and silver at home. The more common and one of the first few ones to come out in the market is the acid testing kit. The kit will provide you with multiple vials containing different types of acids. Depending on the reaction of the acid to the gold, you will be able to tell how much karat a gold contains. You can also use this same method to test silver bullion. You will know if the metal is authentic because the material will be dissolved upon contact to the acid, leaving you with pure gold.

Another testing method used in the earlier days requires the use of a touchstone. This is a rough black stone that is rubbed against gold. When you rub the touchstone on the gold material, it will cause golden streaks to come off. When you pour acid onto the golden streaks, the reaction will determine the karat or the authenticity of the piece of gold.

As new gold testing kits come out, the technology used for evaluating gold and silver also become more advanced. The use of ultrasound is one of the most recent technologies to come out in the industry. It uses ultrasonic detection technology to calculate the density and distance that the sound travels by solid gold. Different types of metals have varying sound velocity and density. Hence, the accuracy of the test makes it a reliable way to determine the authenticity of gold or silver. It is also the preferred method of testing in this modern day and age because of the convenience and ease of use. Even if you have no prior experience to testing gold, you will be able to operate the system with ease.

Make your investment count! Stop being tricked into buying fake gold at the price of genuine gold pieces. Learn how to test silver bullion and gold materials using the GT-Ultra testing system. This testing kit utilizes the power of ultrasound to check the authenticity of gold and silver. Hence, you will never be scammed again. To find out more on how this testing kit works, you can visit the website here:

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NEC Telephone Systems in Brisbane

With PROSUM, you can find the most appropriate communication solutions for your business. This is particularly the case if you are looking for reliable NEC phone systems Brisbane solutions. Whether you are a small business or a large Australian corporation with various offices nationwide and around the world, you can find the best telecoms solutions that will suit all your business communications needs.

NEC phone systems Brisbane
NEC phone systems Brisbane

If you are a small business with big ambitions to grow into a major business player, you will find a highly scalable system that you can grow with into the future. Big businesses can find NEC telecoms solutions that will meet their precise needs and scale in order to ensure a smooth-running communications infrastructure.

Buying NEC phone systems Brisbane services from PROSUM offers you certain advantages. The most important is the quality of service and the reliability of the systems. You can be sure that you are buying a system that will keep your business running very effectively and providing you with very rich communications features along with reliable business phones support.

Top Reasons to Choose NEC for Your Brisbane Business

When you choose NEC phone systems in Brisbane, you have the guarantee of working with a top global brand with a reputation for reliability when it comes to the provision of the business phone systems. NEC has a diverse portfolio that delivers some of the most reliable communication equipment and services for businesses. These come with a high standard and great reliability for your business.

NEC offers a very diverse range of latest communications equipment and servers. These include the NEC IP communication servers, its PBX phones, the data technology products for your business and so much more. NEC has the technological infrastructure to support every aspect of your modern business communications needs.

The NEC phone systems Brisbane, Australia has today can serve diverse business needs and help meet varied scale for your business operations. Whether you are looking for a small system that can support less than 10 users or the large business phone systems to support up to 500 staff members, you can find it from NEC’s great choice of products and packages.

With these, you will be able to increase the productivity and efficacy of your business operations. NEC offers businesses several advantages. These include the reliability of the systems, the speed and the security that will ensure that your voice data communications are highly secured.

With the highly reliable NEC systems, you will be able to accomplish much more with in your business. The business functionality is quite diverse. The main functionalities of the NEC phone systems Brisbane has to offer include the call management features, a great array of call center applications, messaging functionalities, business mobility services, along with various portals for communications amongst others.

There are various NEC systems for which you can get support from PROSUM. These include the SV8100, the SV8300, the SV8500, the SL1100, the IPS2000, the IVS2000, the Xen Topaz, the Xen Master, the Xen IPK, the Xen Axis and so much more.

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