Hiring a Funeral Director in Perth: Questions You Should Ask

Funerals in Perth, like in many other parts of Australia, are not easy to organize. There is so much involved in funerals including preparation of the body, invitations, logistic issues, legal issues and planning of the service. Doing all these tasks on your own can be overwhelming considering that you also have the emotional burden of losing your loved one. Hiring a funeral director is often the wisest decision.

Your funeral director will carry out the following tasks among others.

  • Ensure that remains are transported to the funeral home.
  • Carry out all administrative work including filling of legal documents.
  • Ensure publication of death notices in the media.
  • Recommend and contact funeral suppliers such as the pastor, florist, lawyer, caterer and entertainers.
  • Offer comfort to the grieving.

Indeed, a funeral director will play a critical role in ensuring that the funeral of your loved one runs smoothly. But, with that said, it is important to choose your funeral director wisely. There are many who people facilitate funerals in Perth, but not all of them are qualified for the job. It is advisable to interview more than one funeral director so as to compare their personal style, services and costs.

The following questions should help you assess your candidates when conducting the interviews.

Do you have a license and are you a member of any association?

 According to state laws, funeral directors and all funeral establishments are required to have licenses in order to do business. So, ask to see the candidate’s license and check that it is current. You may go an extra mile to verify that the individual is licensed by contacting the local department of consumer affairs.

In addition, reputable practitioners of funerals in Perth are members of industry organizations or associations. A good example is the Australian Funeral Directors Association which offers certifications and programs for funeral directors. While membership to such organizations is not compulsory, it shows that a funeral director is committed to continuing education and industry trends.

How long have you been in business?

Of course there are funeral directors who’ve been in business for years yet providing shoddy services, and there are new entrants in the industry offering stellar services. But, it is always best to try your luck with an experienced funeral director – they are more likely to provide dependable services.

Do you subcontract some services?

Some funeral providers offer a full range of funeral operations including embalming, refrigeration, transportation and even cremation. Others, on the other hand, provide just the basic operations and subcontract the rest of the services. Subcontracting services often means an increase in the overall costs. It is best to work with a one-stop funeral provider.

What are the costs included in the price?

A funeral is one of life’s most expensive events – you want to make sure that you know where every coin is going. Your candidates should provide a breakdown of what their prices include. The fees must include the following basic services:

  • Acquisition of the death certificate and necessary permits.
  • Funeral planning.
  • Publication of the death notice.
  • Coordinating arrangements with the crematory, cemetery and other funeral suppliers.
  • Storing the body.

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