Important Facts About Kudzu Plant

Kudzu background

According to reliable websites such as, the kudzu plant is a major threat to structures and natural vegetation in many parts of America. It is therefore important to learn about the vine and find ways of arresting its growth as soon as you notice it in your property. As research puts it, the plant first invaded the US in the 1800s from Japan. At first, the government thought it was useful as a forage crop and as ground cover. Left on its own, the plant quickly spreads everywhere, covering everything in its path.

Today, many companies for tree care are devoted to helping farmers and property owners eradicate the plant in areas where it is not required. Also known as ‘the mile a minute vine’, kudzu is a fast growing plant that grows in a coiled manner and climbs everything in its way.

When that happens, it can impede growth of other vegetation or make structures inaccessible. That is why it is necessary to engage the best local Roswell Georgia tree companies whenever the plant surfaces up. For detailed information about such companies, you can their website.

Kudzu growth and development

Experts say that the vine grows at the rate of one foot per day, which enables it to cover fences, structures, trees, and fields in the shortest time possible. The plant spreads by producing lateral stems above and below it, known as rhizomes and stolons. The stem develops roots at the nodes, producing new plants that are clones of the mother plant.

With that kind of growth, a single vine is able to conquer a large patch of land very quickly. Besides, it generates seedpods, which can stay in the soil for a long time before germination, further making its control rather difficult.

How to identify Kudzu vines

  • The plant has vines that are about 30 feet long and bristles
  • It sheds its leaves in winter
  • The leaves are between 5 and 6 inches long
  • The seedpods are covered with fine bronze hairs
  • The plant produces flowers that range from violet to purple reddish in color

Methods of management

As soon as you see this evasive plant, you need to notify a company offering local tree services to take immediate action. In Roswell Georgia, you can follow the link to find a reliable service provider. In the initial stages, the plant is easy to control. However, when it grows in forested areas or large tracts of land, it spreads fast and becomes quite difficult to control.

Helpful suggestions

At the earliest opportunity, you can cut the plant back to the ground and remove any vine from the surrounding bushes and structures. Dig up the roots completely to prevent further growth. However, the best way to deal with Kudzu vine is to involve a certified company for tree services.

The experts have the necessary machinery and knowledge to eradicate the plant completely from your property. Besides, they can keep watch on the surrounding areas to ensure that no reemergence takes place.

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