Organic Welsh Pork: Why it is Simply the Best

Wales has always been known for producing top quality leanest cuts of pork over the centuries. But it is even better if the pork is organic. Organic Welsh pork is quite different and healthier than the conventionally produced pork for a number of reasons. A lot of this has to do with the organic lifestyles of these animals in farms which are completely free range or organic.

The farmers that produce the organic welsh pork do their best in order to keep the animals as healthy as possible and with fewer chemicals which might potentially be passed on to humans. For example, the pigs are not doused with antibiotics which is quite common in conventional farming techniques. An aggressive use of antibiotics is likely to cause antibiotic resistance and some of these chemicals are eventually passed on to humans. With local organic pork, antibiotics are only administered under the direction of a veterinary officer and also on a case by case basis. There is no wholesale and irresponsible use of antibiotics that eventually leads to a buildup of resistance and poses risk to human beings. Check out Porc.Wales

The organic pig’s life

Animal welfare is at the core of organic welsh pork production. You will be buying bacon, sausages or even organic pork with full assurance that the pig has had a happier and healthier life which is in turn passed to the quality of the local organic pork. Instead of spending the entire lives in the barns, the pigs that produce the organic welsh pork spend most of their time outdoors in the natural environment. They have lots of room to roam about and forage on the various food sources found outside.

Pigs are naturally prolific foragers so providing them with plenty of outdoor roaming spaces provides them with a natural environment where they can thrive. The pigs love digging up the grass with their noses in order to eat the fresh worms in the grass. They are able to follow their natural instincts and feed as naturally as possible. The pigs which have been raised in an enclosed barn atmosphere will lose that foraging instinct and are fed on diets of GM food, mostly from countries like China where standards may not always be observed. The result is a poor quality pork that is packaged and sold to humans.

That is not the case with the organic welsh pork which are raised in an ethical and healthy manner. Thanks to the vast outdoor spaces in which they can forage, the pigs do not develop any antisocial behavior such as biting each other’s tails.

Organic welsh pork is also produced in an environment with very low stocking density which discourages antisocial behavior and incidences of diseases and this assures the customer of the leanest cuts of pork. The antibiotic usage in these welsh organic farms is quite low compared to what is commonly seen in the commercial or industrial pork production farms.

There are great health benefits to be derived by buying organic welsh pork. They are produced in clean and healthy environments which allow you to eat with a clean conscience. For additional information on organic pork or the best pulled pork recipe, check out

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